Effortless reselling, simple comission structure

2-10 clients



Get started on the referrals, your own site counts as the first!

11-29 clients



Once you get 11 clients referred, the commission increase applies too all

30+ clients



You can now enjoy maximum commission on every account referred

Are you a web designer, freelancer or agency?

How often do you set up websites for your clients from scratch?

How much time do you spend taking care of all the niggly tasks?

We offer a rare service at a special rate to digital, design, and web agencies or freelancers.

We take care of it all, from email and domain setup, to accounting packages, to CRMs, to hosting, to moving sites, to dealing with technical issues.

We make sure your clients are set up with a website hosting package, and the tools they need to keep their business running seamlessly.

What do you get?

  • Time and cost savings as we take care of all domains and hosting.
  • Immediate personal service when clients have questions or changes to make.
  • On-hand support, so you don't have to spend hours on the phone.
  • Profit, as we take all the hard work off your hands.
  • All the help you need with technical issues and integration of sites.
  • The capacity to move sites securely and quickly.
  • Immediate service with technical issues.
  • Fast and efficient email setup.

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